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Join the energy transition and invest in solar parks in Germany!

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Invest in a green bond with a net return of 5.5%!

First Green Capital's mission is to accelerate the energy transition and reduce CO2 emissions. First Green Capital aims to accomplish this mission by developing and managing solar parks in Germany.

This issue concerns 6.2MWp of solar parks located around Berlin and Munich. The proceeds of this issue will accelerate the growth of First Green Capital in order to be able to realise an additional 200 MWp (electricity for 70,000 households) of new solar parks.

The revenues from the solar parks amount approx. EUR 1.3 million. This income will be stable for the next 10 years due to guaranteed EEG price rates, an initiative from the German state. The solar parks are fully operational. This issue is externally accredited with the above-average sustainability rating B+.

Investeer in een groene obligatie met een nettorendement van 5,5%!

First Green Capital's missie is het versnellen van de energietransitie en de CO2-uitstoot te verlagen. First Green Capital beoogt deze missie te volbrengen door het ontwikkelen en beheren van zonneparken in Duitsland.

Deze uitgifte betreft 6,2MWp aan zonneparken die zich rondom Berlijn en München bevinden. De opbrengst van deze uitgifte versnelt de groei van First Green Capital om additioneel 200MWp (elektriciteit voor 70,000 huishoudens) aan nieuwe zonneparken te kunnen realiseren.

De inkomsten vanuit de zonneparken bedragen ca. EUR 1,3 miljoen. Dit inkomen is de komende 10 jaar stabiel door gegarandeerde EEG-prijstarieven, een initiatief vanuit de Duitse staat. De zonneparken zijn volledig operationeel. Deze uitgifte is extern geaccrediteerd met de bovengemiddelde duurzaamheidsbeoordeling B+.


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Elbert Bogaart wrote a post about First Green Capital Investments I
December 6 2023 13:20

The system is broken.
As we have all seen, the market price of these bonds has exploded in October. Buyers either being very smart in manipulating the market price or unaware of the actual value boosted the market price to more than 200% of the intrinsic value!
Some have profited well from selling bonds against this unrealistic price to buyers probably unaware of what they were buying. But now the market price stalled at EUR 115. Still more than 50% above a realistic value.

The problem is that because of this big difference, we cannot offer to sell against a realistic value. With a market price of EUR 115, the minimal sell price is EUR 103.51. No person with any understanding of the product will offer this price. And because nothing will be sold, the market value will not change. Therefore, the system is broken and no trading can take place.

We need one of the following solutions here:
- Investors who are buying against this crazy market price to get the price down, or
- a market moderator to manually drop the price with 30%.

Not sure whether the second option is possible. So hoping for your generous offers on my sell orders!

If you see other solutions, please comment.

First Green Capital Investments I was followed by Jan Mooij
December 5 2023 16:39




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