Accelerating green investments

Contribute to the production of green energy and add value to your investment portfolio. Invest or trade directly in green energy projects on a fully-licensed, regulated trading platform.

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The future of green investing

We believe in accelerating the energy transition, by bridging the gap between sustainable projects and green investment opportunities.

Why we do what we do

The UN sustainable development goals aim for more sustainable investments. We offer a fully-regulated platform, with all required licenses from the Dutch Authority of Financial Markets (AFM) and the Dutch Ministry of Finance, to bridge the financing of sustainable projects and investments in green securities.

Create your own basket of green investment opportunities

We list every single sustainable project on the exchange. Investors can decide at the order level if they want to invest in a specific project or want to give a mandate for a diversified investment in specific, qualifying projects. Nxchange will serve as an escrow service, only settling transactions that fall under the mandate.

Available for professional and retail investors

Banks, institutional, professional and retail investors can easily invest, divest, and trade through the primary and secondary market at any time. Enjoy tax benefits by investing in green securities without intervention of a broker, bank or fund. Green investing couldn’t make more sense.

How does it work?

We believe that green investments should be made easy. Instantly find sustainable projects, carefully selected by our Nominated Advisors and Partners, without the interference of intermediate funds or banks. Choose the projects you want to invest in. Manage and monitor your portfolio online and check the latest updates on all listed projects. Trade like you would on a stock exchange, but 24/7.

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Sustainable projects are engineered and audited for quality by our Nominated Advisors and Partners before they are listed on Nxchange. Sign up for free, select your investment criteria and choose a project to invest in. All projects are provided with the necessary Information Memoranda and/or prospectuses.

Invest and trade

As an investor, you determine when you would like to invest or divest. The tradability of the projects on our regulated platform ensures parties can easily change their portfolio to match their risk profile. Easily manage, monitor and trade your projects in a secure online environment.


We enable you to monitor your projects closely. Interest, redemption and/or dividends are automatically processed by the platform.

How the platform works

More information

Answers to the frequently asked questions can be found in our FAQs or contact us.

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